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• Established in 1956
• Dedicated to ski and snowboard enthusiasts
• Experience our club owned Ski Lodge, 3 miles from 7 Springs
• Participate in monthly activities and parties
• Join us on trips to famous ski destinations
Westmoreland is an active and friendly club for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities and ages. Your membership will bring opportunities for yearlong enjoyment, including ski education, trips, programs, and social activities in every shape and form!

Discount Lift Tickets

Posted on December 10, 2013 in Home by Andy

Are you looking for ways to ski at a discount?

Lift Ticket and Ski Discounts for 2016-2017 WPSC Club Members and Their Families

BLUE KNOB SKI RESORT www.blueknob.com, 1-800-458-3403 Mon, Tues, and/or Thurs - $25 Open to Close Ticket Need to show 2016-17 ski club membership card, voucher and ID at Ticket Sales Window   HIDDEN VALLEY SKI RESORT www.hiddenvalleyresort.com, 814-443-8000 Weds - $25 Open to Close Lift Ticket (Need Voucher1 for each Wednesday session) Need to show 2016-17 ski club membership card, voucher  and ID at Ticket Sales Window   LAUREL MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT www.laurelmountainski.com, 888-547-3388 Thursday - $25 Session 9:00am - 4:00pm (Need Voucher1 for each Thursday session.) Need to show 2016-17 ski club membership card, voucher and ID at Ticket Sales Window   SEVEN SPRINGS MT. RESORT www.7springs.com, 800-452-2223 Monday Twilight - $28.00 session 1-9 pm (Need Voucher1 for each Monday Twilight session.) Holiday Mondays - $40.50 (1-10 pm) (Need Voucher1) Prices do not include 3% Amusement Tax Present voucher at Ticket Sales   Like2Ski Sunday Twilight Session (1pm - 9pm) & Holiday Monday Day Sessions - Lift Ticket: $45 Rentals: $30 (Skis/Snowboards) Lessons: $20 (includes 3% amusement tax)
  • Note: Meet in the Seven Springs ski lodge to the right of the cafeteria by the guest services area between 12 & 12:30.  Look for the Like2Ski sign.  FYI - with your group lift ticket, you get free ski/board check.  All payments by case or check only!
Contact Colleen Lay   VMS Panter Ski Club VMS Panter Ski Club is once again offering discounts to WSC members.  Their group goes to Hidden Valley on Sundays. Their group discount rates are as follows:
  • lift Tickets            $26
  • Ski Rental            $23.32
  • Ski Lesson           $20
  • Board Rental      $23.32
  • Board Lesson     $20
  • Helmet                $9.54
4th and 5th grade skier free passes.  FREE-5 and under tickets They also go to 7 Springs and plan to go to Laurel Mountain which is $41 for their group. Contact Tammie Aaron-Barrada Also, check out www.SKIPA.COM for discounts and deals at PA ski resorts including local resorts. 1 Please Note:  Vouchers will be available from your WPSC Ski Club Representative (Jack Kowalski)